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Bruce King

How To Double Your Sales

Bruce is a highly sought after keynote conference speaker, sales and marketing master class presenter, sales coach, business adviser, and executive coach.

Bruce King is a Fellow of The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (FInstSMM) and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors (FIoD). He has more than thirty years’ experience working with organizations, from SMEs to major international companies, and speaking to audiences around the world on the subjects of sales, marketing, and achieving greater results in any area of their business and personal lives.

Bruce King’s earliest career was in the field of complementary medicine and personal growth. He qualified as a nutritional consultant and acupuncturist and studied and taught numerous powerful, personal growth, and personal development techniques. He established one of the UK’s first multi-disciplinary complimentary medical centers, had his own radio program on Radio London, and wrote articles on alternative medicine and personal growth for numerous national magazines.

After several successful years in the complimentary medical field, Bruce decided he needed a new challenge. He sold the medical centre and by what he describes as “a bizarre series of coincidences”, he began a career in sales.

He studied with some of the world’s top sales coaches and had an extremely successful and profitable career selling and managing sales teams for some of the UK’s top companies. Bruce puts a great deal of his success, and the success of those who worked with him, down to his earlier background in the personal development field. It is because he subscribes to the philosophy that success is 80% attitude and 20% skill that he incorporates personal growth strategies into many of his interactions with the people he works with when it is appropriate to do so.

Over the years, Bruce has developed several successful and, in some cases, award winning businesses which he has subsequently sold. He has worked with sales teams to achieve a frequently extraordinary increase in sales and he has worked with business owners to help them to create more successful and profitable enterprises.

In 1994 Bruce was asked by the BBC to write his first book. Titled ‘Psycho-Selling – Double Your Income from Sales in 8 Weeks’. The book became an international best-seller and launched Bruce’s career as an international conference speaker. Since then he has written several other best-selling books published by FT Pearson, Headline, and Soderpalm Publishing et al. He has produced several training videos and CDs and has been presenting keynote speeches and Master Classes around the world.

Of equal importance for Bruce, although only a spare time activity, in 2012 he started writing books to inspire children to grow up to be the very best they can be and to help raise money for children’s charities. The first book became a No. 1 Best Seller and there have been several more published since then.

In 2018 he launched Sales Coaching Online, the ultimate online resource to enable salespeople to achieve an extraordinary increase in sales quickly and with only a few minutes of study a day.

As well as coaching salespeople for many SMEs, these are just a few of the many larger organizations that have hired Bruce King or whose employees have attended his sales, marketing & personal growth Master Classes: Abbey National – Allied Dunbar PLC – Abbey Life PLC – American Express – Baker Tilly – Bank One – Barclays Bank – Business Link -Credit Suisse – Bayerlische Landesbank – Dunn & Bradstreet – Durlacher Ltd – First Chicago Bank – Forte Hotels – GNI – IFS International – ITN – Kinnarps Office Furniture – Lloyds Bank – Manpower – Marriott Hotels – Merrill Lynch – Mercedes Benz – Lombard Risk Systems – Morgan Grenfell – Rothschild Asset Management – Salamon Bros – Semple Fraser Solicitors – SBC – Siemen – Warburg Dillon Read – Sherwoods Solicitors – Trade Indemnity PLC – UFB Humberclyde – Webasto


First published by BBC Books in 1994 – ‘Psycho-Selling – Double Your Income From Sales In 8 Weeks’, rapidly became an international bestseller and launched Bruce King’s career as an international conference speaker.

Do you want to be doing more business, more easily, and more profitably than ever before? Do you want to avoid cold calling? Bruce King has been called ‘The Referrals Master’ and in this powerful book he shares his very best tips with you for gaining all the new business you could ever want through a systematic approach to asking for and receiving Sales Referrals.

Cold Calling Made Easy’ is Bruce King’s bestselling eBook of all time (so far). It contains everything you need to know to be successful in cold calling, tele-sales, and appointment setting. It is based on the in-house training he conducted for numerous companies that cold call to sell a diverse range of products or services, and for people who cold call to make appointments on the telephone. Many thousands of copies have been sold around the world and when you follow Bruce King’s coaching, you will never fear cold calling again. You’ll be confident, articulate, you will get through to your prospect, and you will get the results you want from the call.

‘Cold Calling Made Easy’ also contains everything you need for cold calling, including work sheets to tailor the contents to your own particular products or services and the intended outcome of your call.

How to Double Your Sales offers a set of proven techniques to give both experienced salespeople and those new to selling everything they will ever need to achieve an extraordinary increase in sales – fast.

This book covers the complete sales process and gives you the ultimate stress-free selling system. Key features of How to Double Your Sales include:

  • An 8-week plan with action points and exercises to build your sales skills week by week
  • Template scripts you can customize and use to win new prospects, overcome objections, and close sales
  • How to use tried-and-tested NLP techniques to program your mind for sales success
  • Why you may never need to cold call again – Winning Sales Referrals
  • How to cold call and set appointments when you have to
  • Stress-free techniques for handling objections
  • The 13 best ways to close a sale
  • Guidelines on how to improve other skills critical to stress-free sales success – communication, negotiation, time management, and a great deal more

Definitely not just a catchy title – what he presents, when put into practice, can definitely help delegates increase their sales massively. The more time Bruce has, the more great sales tips and strategies he can present.

Bruce has taught this strategy to thousands of delegates, and those who put what he teaches into practice report astonishing results.

Bruce’s favorite topic; based on his premise that most people have not even scratched the surface of what they are really capable of. Bruce presents powerful mental strategies with audience participation and absolute proof that what he teaches works. The audience will be amazed, convinced, and ready to put what they learn into practice.

Because most buyers need a gentle nudge to get them to make a buying decision. Bruce still calls it Closing Sales and shows you 12 powerful strategies to get you a ‘YES’!.

“The bad news, if you choose to call it that, is I’ve never sailed across any large stretch of water single handed, or even with a crew. I’ve never climbed up or fallen off Mount Everest or Kilimanjaro and I’ve never won or lost playing for my country in any major sporting event, or even a minor one. And I’m definitely not a stand-up comedian! On the other hand, when I was a sales director, hiring speakers for a conference for my salespeople and the support teams, I never really thought any of those skills or achievements were relevant anyway. My only real claim to fame – what I know I do so well because people tell me I do (see testimonials below) is to show salespeople and business people involved in the sales process, many simple yet deadly effective strategies which help them to increase their confidence, motivation, self-belief, and selling skills massively. The warm glow of inspiration and motivation generated in the audience usually lasts a lot longer than twenty minutes after I go offstage, and is often permanent. And they do get to have an occasional chuckle too!”


Bruce is recognized internationally as a leading sales, marketing, and personal growth strategist. He has addressed audiences and coached companies sales teams and managers in 23 countries.​

Bruce is a highly sought after keynote conference speaker, sales and marketing master class presenter, sales coach, business adviser, and executive coach.​

Bruce has been hired by The Institute of Directors to present his sell-out one-day Sales Master Class titled ‘How To Double Your Sales For 21 Consecutive Years’ at the HQ in Pall Mall, London.​

Bruce has authored five international best-selling books on sales, marketing, and personal growth strategies.​

Bruce was featured in an article by The Times newspaper titled ‘King of the UK Salesman’​

“We help people in sales to sell more, more frequently & at better margins”

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