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New Drive for Atlantic Štark - We Strive to Grow Further

Marko Njavro, General Manager of the Strategic Business Unit Snacks, Atlantic Grupa

Atlantic Grupa is the leader in the food and beverage industry, whose brands have rich tradition and have been part of the lives of generations of customers for many years. With a continuous focus on strengthening its business foundation, Atlantic disinvested smaller and non-core segments in order to continue strengthening and expanding its core activities, mainly in the food and beverage industry.


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Profit Interview – H. E. Mr. Tomaš Kuchta, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in the Republic of Serbia

Czechia, officially the Czech Republic, is a continental country in Central Europe, whereas in the geopolitical context, the UN lists it as a country in Eastern Europe. The Czech Republic is bordered by Poland to the north, Germany to the northwest and west, Austria to the south, and Slovakia to the east. It has an area of 78,866 km². The capital and largest city is Prague (1.2 million inhabitants), an important tourist destination. The Czech Republic consists of the following historical territories: Czechia (Bohemia), Moravia and Czech Silesia. This trinity is displayed on the national coat of arms.



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