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Smiljan Mori – Live Your Life as a Winner

His seminars are visited by thousands of people, he is a lawyer by profession, and in just a year, he turned from an anonymous man into one of the most talented up-and-coming motivational speakers of today. His book “Wake Up and Live the Life You Love” is a bestseller all around the world.

Smiljan Mori was born in a small Slovenian town called Vurmat. He comes from a typical countryside family and he lived a modest life, since he could not afford expensive things. He attended the secondary Police Cadet School, where he was awarded the title of valedictorian. Mori also became the best student of the Police College and one of the best graduates of the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana.

His original intention was to become a policeman, but as he was rejected from that world, he decided to start a different career. With the little money he had, he decided to completely change his life. Education, acquiring new skills, grasping new opportunities and incredible positive thinking brought him his enormous current success.

At first, he sold books, then real estate, and finally he started selling insurance. In 1997, he established his first company – an agency called Mor. Today, his primary job is mediation between insurance and finance, which he has been actively involved in for 20 years in Slovenia, and for 10 years in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Realizing that he had been teaching his representatives and retailers to become better, to earn more, and, as a consequence, become more satisfied, happy and progressive, he wanted to start educating other people who were not in that particular line of work. He therefore got the idea quite spontaneously. He quickly became a millionaire and one of the most popular motivational speakers in Europe and beyond.

Mori knows what it’s like to be at the bottom and how hard it is to start something, which is exactly why he knows how to overcome fear, stay motivated, turn failure into success and achieve your goals.

His lectures, which affect everybody, both personally and professionally, are based on professional findings, as well as on his personal ideas which he calls clever ideas off the street”. The lectures burst with energy, enthusiasm, extreme humor and funny stories. He communicates his messages in a simple, understandable way and with ideas that can be immediately used in practice.

If you refuse to remain indifferent and passive, but want to act, then Smiljan Mori is the right speaker for you, and your company. He believes that we tend to complicate our personal and professional lives ourselves, and that we take everything too seriously. He believes that we should relax, become more joyful and playful. Life should be looked at from a different perspective. First of all, it is important to stop worrying about what other people might think, or say.

He teaches us that business improves, once the people in the company improve. He teaches that nothing can change for the better, until we change. He teaches that progress is not possible, until we make progress ourselves.

Mori believes that success primarily happens in our heads: “You first have to invest from your pocket into your head, because it is the head that will fill your pockets”.

He is an exceptional connoisseur of psychology and human behavior, and a regular guest on numerous radio and television shows. He is honest, direct and funny. He can make his audience laugh until they cry. His business manages to show people how easy it is to become successful, happy, satisfied and rich. He is a much-desiredlecturer at faculties and secondary schools, where he inspires the young to grow and develop, and infuses them with courage for their future lives. As he himself points out, what he tells is not always pleasant to hear, but are useful life lessons.

Despite the fact that some of his topics may hit you hard, his goal and his wish is for you to get better, to start believing in yourself, to have more, to deserve more, to accomplish what you strive for and to start following the road of success to a better future. Mori believes that everyone must be aware of the truths about success, and these truths are:

1. If you want a better life, you yourself must become better

Your outer world will always be a reflection of your inner world. You should improve the quality of your life, which implies personal development, achieving goals and good physical condition. Personal growth and business are closely related. If you do not grow, you cannot achieve business success.

2. The only limit is your mind

Do you believe that we can accomplish anything? You don’t? You are right either way. Your mind must be solution-oriented.

3. Where you are going is important

You cannot change the past. Not anymore. You cannot turn back time and make it right, so let it go, because why would you want to stay there?

4. Practice makes perfect

You must have already heard this. People are quick to give up. When they fail a few times, they stop trying. You should be persistent and see failure as an experience which teaches you something.

5. Anything can be learned

The fact is that you can learn anything within reason. You should be aware of the fact that you are capable of learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge and everything else which can help you on the road to your goal.

As a motivational speaker, he has been invited to the meetings of many leading companies and net marketing organizations from around the world.

He is the author of the bestseller “7 Secrets to MotivAction” and the audio programs “Think Like Winners” and “With Motivation to Success!”, which was the first motivational and personal development audio program in Slovenia. He is also the author of the booklet filled with inspirational thoughts titled “Mini Motivator”, as well as “Become and Remain a Winner”, “Motivation for the Young” „MotivAction Without Borders!“.

His work in Slovenia and Europe has thrilled numerous successful businesspersons from around the world. Upon his visit to the USA in March 2003, Mori received great praise for his first book, “7 Secrets to MotivAction”.

His latest work, “You are Your Beliefs”, has been referred to as a revolutionary guide, leading the reader towards living a life he/she deserves, step by step. Upon publishing this book, the author gave readers the following piece of advice: “It all starts with us. This book will help you understand who you actually are supposed to believe in, as well as how to realize what you want in your life and how to achieve it. 2018 is the year of your TRANSFORMATION. This book is a stepping stone to a wonderful, free, and successful life. Remember, you are what you believe in! The time has come for you to start believing that you are capable of achieving your dreams, having great relationships, and living your life as a winner”.

He is the author of numerous motivational and personal growth seminars, such as: Light a Fire in You, Bring Out the Millionaire in You, Become a Winner, Perfect Life, Everything is Possible. He is also the author of many expert articles in the fields of sales, motivation, management and healthy lifestyle published in specialist magazines such as Podjetnik (Entrepreneur), Profesionalna prodaja (Professional Sales), Rina.

His motivational seminars have been attended by thousands of people in over fifty countries around the world. He is the first speaker to have attracted over 650 people to a single motivational and personal growth seminar in Slovenia.

He is a co-author of the bestseller “Wake Up and Live the Life You Love, published in the USA by Barnes&Noble, with such renowned names as Mark Victor Hansen, Wayne Dyer, Robert Allen.

He is also the author of the revolutionary seminar, Emotional Sales. This is a seminar that teaches salespersons new, revolutionary techniques from the fields of sales and influence

Mori is a member of the renowned association of professional financial advisers Million Dollar Round Table and Top of the Table.

He is friends with numerous giants of our time. Among others, Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the bestselling book series “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, who wrote about Mori’s work and his book “7 Secrets to MotivAction”: “My friend Mr. Smiljan Mori’s book will draw your attention and drive you forth until you’ve become truly successful, started receiving praise and living the life you once only dreamed of.”

In the Podjetnik (Entrepreneur) magazine, Mori's work receives much attention, while he himself was characterized as the first proper mass lecturer in Slovenia. It was also pointed out that he has been a true phenomenon in recent years for everybody who knows him.

Boris Vene, the international bestselling author of “The Millionaire Mindset” and “How to Tap Real Wealth from Within” says that Smiljan Mori is a man with incredible charisma.

His life philosophy is: “Inform(A)ction means nothing without motiv(A)ction. So act!”