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Feza Tan, the Chairwoman of the Management Board of UniCredit Banka Srbija

Team play is what counts

UniCredit Bank has always played as a team, we have nurtured a culture of togetherness, and we have supported each other, but now, perhaps more than ever before, that team spirit has enabled us to ensure our business continuity. After signing an agreement with the Ministry of Finance and the National Bank of Serbia for a state guarantee scheme for lending to the economy, we are approving loans for liquidity and working capital within the Program of Economic Measures of the Government of Serbia, in order to mitigate the negative consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.



Profit Interview – Ambassador Kati Csaba

Canada is a country in North America, located to the north of the United States of America. With a surface of 9,976,670 km², it is the second largest country in the world after Russia, while its population accounts for mere 0.5 percent of the global population. The capital of Canada is Ottawa and the biggest city is Toronto. The total population of Canada is estimated at around 36 million.
Today, Canada is a federation consisting of ten provinces and three territories. In terms of the form of government, it is a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as supreme sovereign. The country is bilingual, with English and French as official languages not only on the federal level, but also in the province of New Brunswick. Canada, as a country that has fully embraced gender equality, is ranked at the top of the list of the 20 most developed countries in the world (G20).



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