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Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi is a well-known American entrepreneur, marketer, success coach, business owner, real estate investor and leading trainer throughout the world. He has appeared daily on American TV for nearly 15 years and is highly respected as a top businessman, entrepreneur, multiple New York Times bestselling author and inspirational speaker. Graziosi is perhaps best known for his long-running interview style TV shows and for becoming the leading real estate educator in the world. He has reached millions of viewers in America and around the world. He has written five books which have dominated the success, business & real estate book sales space since 2006, with his best-selling book amassing over 1,000,000 copies sold.

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Graziosi was born and raised in Marlboro, New York. Dean Graziosi is the son of Paul Graziosi and Gloria Post. He has an older sister. When he was 3, his parents divorced and he was raised mostly by his mother and grandmother until the age of 13, when he moved in with his father. He was raised in difficult circumstances with the family facing many financial problems and he moved more than 20 times by the age of 19. He went to Marlboro High School and never enrolled into college. Before the age of 20, Dean created his first entrepreneurial success story by buying, fixing and reselling cars, while also completing his first real estate deal. Dean, who had no capital at the time, cleverly bought a run-down apartment with no money down. This experience encouraged him to continue investing in real estate.


After various successful real estate investments, Graziosi first dove into real estate education when he created his first training course based on his personal experience titled “Think A Little Different”. After years of success with this program he went on to write his first book “Totally Fulfilled” in May 2006, which was published by Vanguard Press and hit the NY Times best-seller list immediately. It explained Dean’s unique “core” approach to optimal results, success and fulfillment in all areas of life. Dean’s second book “Be A Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today,” also published by Vanguard Press, was the fastest and best-selling real estate book of 2007 and 2008 and was included in the bestseller lists of the New York Times, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and Amazon.com. In January 2009, Dean’s third release, “Profit From Real Estate Right Now,” a step-by-step guide to take even a novice through their first profitable investment, was an immediate hit. Within 90 days, it was surpassing the monthly sales of his previous bestseller. Dean wrote two more real estate books, both achieving similarly high sales numbers and guiding readers: “Your Town Your Profits” and “30 Days To Real Estate Cash.”

In 2010, Dean teamed up with a company whose owners had over 15 years of expertise in managing and running live events. Dean joined with them to start delivering personal experiences via live events in cities across America. This personal touch combined with Dean’s proven training skills and impeccable reputation lead to Dean’s live events quickly growing to represent the best real estate live event training company in America by the beginning of 2011.

In 2002, Dean Graziosi founded Dean Enterprises, LLC as a company for creation and production of his real estate information products. Dean Enterprises exclusively produces all of Dean’s infomercials & books. Dean has pioneered better education for those desiring more in life. Taking a industry riddled by promises of overnight success, Dean wanted to stand out by simply sharing the truth. Dean provides those who want to reach that next level of success with the appropriate tools to get there, and get there with confidence.

Dean also owns a company called JBB Enterprises, LLC that manages his real estate holdings. Dean personally closes hundreds of real estate deals each year. This not only allows him to build wealth and legacy but helps him to keep abreast of the ever changing real estate market so he can share his insights with his audience.

For over a decade, he has been sharing this knowledge wholeheartedly,handing the keys to success to anyone willing to learn about the strategies for reaching this next level of life.

Why is Dean Graziosi so popular in the world of success and education? The reason is that he is one of us regular people and in a simple, yet affective way he has reached millions across the country and the world with his books, audio and video courses and seminars. He has taken the knowledge that helped him to become a successful entrepreneur and shared that knowledge with others who dream of reaching their goals. A frequent guest on nationally televised programs, Dean has been seen and heard by millions of viewers.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s not an old adage, but it certainly should be: courage begets confidence. Why is Tarzan able to swing around the jungle full of dangerous creatures and plants with so much confidence? Because he’s lived there his entire life. He knows it, and he knows how to behave in order to avoid danger.

Fictional characters aside, one of the quickest and most effective ways to build confidence is to step out of your comfort zone and explore something new. Travelling to a new country whose language you don’t speak seems pretty daunting, but once you start doing it, you quickly realize that it’s not such a big deal. Jumping out of a plane for the first time is terrifying and requires a lot of courage, but after repeating it several times you start to build confidence, get comfortable, and before you know it you’ll be doing flips in the air.

If you want to build confidence, do something that scares you. Courage grows with tension and fear because you want to progress. Confidence means staying loose and relaxed because you’ve been there before.

Think about the last time you started a new job, or got a new promotion and gained a higher level of responsibility. The first few days, maybe even the first month, were probably a bit nerve-wracking, but after a while that tension subsided and you were able to do your job with ease. With the next promotion, the tensions will come right back, but after going through this process a number of times you will actually come to realize that you can handle bigger and bigger challenges and you will stop to perceive new challenges as intimidating. Eventually, you will lose far fewer nerves when starting a new job or being promoted, and that’s when your confidence has truly leveled up.

Don’t be scared of new things, seek them out actively instead. Try to see them as something exciting, an opportunity to grow and improve.

Solving Bigger and Bigger Problems

On the path of building a career, whether it’s getting promoted, founding a new business, or going back to school, many people finally face a problem they consider too big to be solved, they get intimidated, and accept their current status. They content themselves and stop trying to improve.

However, if you carry on, you come to realize that all problems are of equal size, relative to who you are at that moment. You face a bigger problem only when YOU are bigger, so there’s really no difference between deciding where to go to college and deciding what type of business you want to open, who to hire, etc. When you’re facing a new problem that feels bigger than any problem before, try to remember what some of the past obstacles felt like before you overcame them and how you perceive them now.

Think back to how impossible writing a 10-page paper or completing a lab project once felt. Being a piece of cake now, it felt like a crushing impossibility to many of us at some point.

Going through emotional and mental challenges is just like exploring a new terrain or facing a physical fear. Once you solve the problem, it becomes easier to solve similar problems in the future. You’ve leveled up.

When you’re facing your next big problem making you feel upset, crushed, or weighed down by the world, try to shift your focus to what it will feel like when the problem is solved. Draw confidence from past obstacles that felt impossible to conquer before you ultimately succeeded.

Life is never without problems. They are nothing more than our best opportunities to grow, find meaning, and change both our lives and the lives of others. Truthfully, we are lucky to have them, because without problems, life would be a boring, meaningless experience. Be grateful for the fact that you get to experience and solve your problems at all, no matter how unsolvable they may feel. In the future, you will probably never get the chance to experience the same problems again.


Totally Fulfilled

Many people go through life with daily feelings of pain, scarcity, inferiority, stress, low self-esteem, frustration, lack of fulfillment, unhappiness, and much more. As bad as this may sound, there is a simple solution to most people's problems and Dean Graziosi has discovered it. In a format that is easy to understand and apply,Dean has written the most important book readers will ever need to achieve success in all areas of their lives. Hundreds of books have been written about success, yet none can compete with Dean Graziosi’s Totally Fulfilled. With simple techniques Dean himself acquired through trial and error, he takes the reader on an exciting journey to wealth, abundance, happiness, accomplishments, confidence, love, prosperity, and so much more.

Be a Real Estate Millionaire

Be a Real Estate Millionaire will teach you Dean Graziosi’s personal strategies for turning real estate “losers” into winners. Discover the seven keys to uncovering “hidden real estate values.” Learn how to identify the five types of real estate markets and the right strategy for each. Take Dean's local market analysis test to determine the exact nature of your local real estate market. Discover Dean’s unique formula for win-win-win real estate transactions and experience how you can make money while helping others make money, too. Let Dean share his strategies and secrets and help you become a real estate millionaire today. Read and act on Dean's advice and you too will become a real estate millionaire.

Profit From Real Estate Right Now!

Profit from Real Estate Right Now! teaches you how to generate massive wealth in today’s current down real estate market, which has actually created a window of opportunity for you to get rich. Dean has created no-money-down techniques that are specifically tailored to succeed in today's changed real estate, banking, and economic world.

With a step-by-step road map, Dean takes you on a strategic ride to learn how to find motivated sellers willing and anxious to sell their homes at massive discounts far below what even seasoned real estate investors can find. In a systematic approach, Dean shares a technique to secure these properties for you to purchase with no money down, and then keep or pass these deals off to motivated buyers and make a profit either way. This is the one and only no-money-down strategy that works in today's changed world.

30 Days to Real Estate Cash

When you think about real estate investing, what comes to mind? Skyscrapers…private jets...champagne and caviar? While it's true that many of the wealthiest people in the world got where they are with real estate, what about those of us who are just trying to get past the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle? What about just earning enough to step up from the stress and drudgery of everyday life? That is where this book comes in.

It shows you how to earn instant money, with proven ways to go from zero cash, to cash in hand in 30 short days. All you have to do is to read what's inside, follow the steps and you can take your profits to the bank. Once you build some breathing room, you can work on the private jets and caviar.

You won't need money to do it.

You don't need good credit.

Being jobless, inexperienced or even afraid isn't a problem.

You can be loaded down with debt.

You're going to be able to start your first deal with real money in less than 30 days.

The plan laid out in this book is very realistic. Dean’s students are following these very same instructions and putting real estate cash in their pockets in less than 30 days and every month from then on. There's nothing in this book you can’t accomplish in 30 days. So go for it! This book was written for you and even if you won’t find your name on the cover or in the chapters, it still is your book.

Millionaire Success Habits

Millionaire Success Habits is a book designed with one purpose in mind: to take you from where you are in life to where you want to be by incorporating easy-to-implement “Success Habits” into your daily routines.

Legendary business coach Dean Graziosi has broken down the walls of complexity around success and created simple success recipes that you can quickly put to use in your life to reach the level of wealth and abundance you desire.